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Your Fencing Solutions:

Your Fencing Solutions:

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"A horse is a unique investment. Certainly, it is a matter of money. Often years of dedication and work. And almost always a measure of admiration and love. But every year, thousands of these magnificant animals suffer devastating injuries when the delicate skin of a horse meets the unforgiving edge of a high tensile steel wire or barbed wire fence."

We offer an alternative to traditional horse fencing that will eliminate injuries to your horse, livestock, and other precious animals.

Most horse and livestock owners agree the features to consider when choosing horse fencing or livestock fencing are strength, appearance, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Bayco Finish Line Fencing, manufactured by Bayer Corporation and available through Fencing Guy, meets the demands of discriminating buyers. Bayco Finish Line fence is made from high-density, low-expansion polymer monofilament material that is safe, strong, and flexible. Its unique construction provides a wide range of benefits.

Bayco Finish Line Fence
Bayco Finish-Line features & benefits:
  • Won't cut and tear flesh like barbed wire or high tensile steel wire
  • High-density, low expansion polymer monofilament material
  • Stretches up to 20 percent, then bounces back to original shape
  • Remains unaffected by extreme temperatures, sunlight, crop chemicals and organic solvents
  • Wire free
  • Does not conduct electricity, lightening safe
  • Will not rust, rot or corrode
  • installs easily
  • Lightweight - seven times lighter than wire
  • Virtually maintenance free

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